The fulfillment of one of my dreams


There are very few people in the world who do not know about the very famous Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris, France. I have also heard many stories of this Eiffel Tower from my childhood in different stories, poems, movies, dramas. I wish I could wet this Eiffel Tower one day, then life will be blessed.
God has really given me the opportunity to fulfill my heart’s desire one day. The community people or residents, my financial status, my location, my family status all combined to show this Eiffel Tower is like a dream to travel or see a country far away.

But this dream of mine has come true. I was able to get in front of this Eiffel Tower for a while one day. So I am posting this picture for everyone in a lot of pictures to keep as a memory.

Thousands of people of different colors from different countries come to see this Eiffel Tower. Satisfaction in everyone’s eyes, a joy of winning dreams, playing like the blue color of the sky, coloring and conveying with a smile of generosity.

Random life

Random life, yet beautiful
The pain and joy go together
Like rain with clouds
Like bright stars in the sky.

A little trouble, a little sleep
A little tired, a little restless
Fill a sheet of paper with writing
Tears of pain flowed from both eyes.

Lover’s estranged mind
The hum of birds
The endless flow of the river, the murmur of the fountain
Yet the lover is silent, like the reservoir of the night.

The arrogant mind does not understand anything
Run to the arena of love
No one gets, no one gets, arranged in emptiness
The inner circle of life.


The First Rape of A Human Spirit

Once, in very ancient times, Cholsi Okkhungshi Jari Jahpha, Cholshi, the god of the winds, went roving about the length and breadth of lands and seas.  As he thus scoured up and down the face of the whole world, the hairs of his legs came in violent contact with the delicate body of Wahphangma Ringrangma, the younger sister of Dura Kochokrong Songdu Koberong. Golapa Nangade and Khuhsimang Chongdingpa.

Due to injuries received at that time from the formidable impact, Wahphangma lay in a moribund state suffering chronic pains and sever bruises on her whole body. Dura Kochokrong deeply lamented the sad state of his sister’s devastated form. 

With a view to restoring Wahphangma to her former health and vigor by means of exorcisms and sacrificial offerings. The older brother unscrupulously seized the spirit of Chasama Mongjima. He speedly bound it up with a strong olive-green rope and carried it hurriedly away. As the olivaccous rope “ touched her spirit, Chasama herself suddenly felt physically unwell. A sickening chill passed through her body And she shiveringly trembled from an icy coldness. Red blothches began to appear on her skin. The reason for all these sudden symptoms was that her spirit was being slowly but relentlessly dragged away by the elder brother of Wahphangma. This was the first rape of a human spirit.

By accident Khatchi Biare and Rangshi Tokkini the maternal uncle of Chasma happened to come by on their way back home from a marketplace. Seeing the captor heartlessly taking away the spirit of their niece by force, they asked him the reason for his savage behavior. Golapa Nagande verbosely replied. 

I am carrying her away in order to offer her as a sacrificial victim on behalf of our niece. Wahphangma, who is in a precarious condition as a result of her having suffered a severe blow from the hairs of the legs of Cholsi Okkhuangshi.

The maternal uncle of Chasama Mongjima were quite unsympathetic with the captors cause. They retorted with fierce determination.

No! No ! No! We will not permit the spirit to go with three. We will not allow our dear niece to be taken away. No! No! No!

At Saljongpatra Rongdogachol, Salgra and Susime met the bickering foursome and addressing Golapa Nagande asked: For what purpose is the spirit of Chasama being thus led captive?

He answered “ I am taking her away to use as a sacrificial offering needful for the restoration to health of my younger sister, Wahphangma.

Then Salgra advised Khatchi Biari and Rangshi Tokkini what they should do to win back their niece, Chasama saying, “ Go and pluck some hairs from the legs and eyelashes of Ahni Mane” Mother Earth and Chini Pilde., Mother water. Next fill your mouths with their blood and perform an exorcism by blowing out blood in aprays before an open, conical shaped bamboo framework (named chokarek). Call out repeatedly the name of yoyr niece. Do this faithfully and the life of the girl will be restored.

When Khatchi Biari and Rangshi Tokkini dutifully performed the exorcism according to the directions of Salgra, strength began to return to Chasama and she was soon restored to her normal state of health and energy. Fresh blood surged through her veins. Her appetite was revived and she was able to eat and drink as befor.

Meanwhile Golapa Nagande was still sadly bemoaning the rueful plight of Wahphangma because her head still lay inert and her body was yet devoid of its former strength and beauty. Salgra then commanded them.

“Go seize Ahbengma Disngma, Matchima Rorima and Mahsima Mahbima in lieu of Chassama Mongjima”

Accordingly Golapa Nagande carried away vital human principles of Ahbengma Disengma and Mahsima Mahbema in order to alleviate the sufferings of his sister. Wahphangma After a series of exorcisms performed by the brothers and their relatives, it was seen that the olive-green rope binding the prisoners became taut. This was the signal that their efforts had met with success, so Golapa Nagande untied the captives and set them free. Golapa Nagande thouthlesly left the ropr and came in to the courtyard of Durama Imbama. 

Ultimately the olivaccous  rope came into the possessions of Aber Rora, who used it to bind up the children of Shangma Dripa Chondripa a simple human patriarch. For his foul deed Shangma Dripa relentlessly pursued Abet Rora. Finally captured him and was about to deal with him a death blow when Salgra incidentally made his appearance and reconciled them to each other. Afterwards Abet Rora and Shangma Dripa became first friend, living in mutual accord and respecting each others rights and privileges. Never again did Abet Rora molest the children of men, unless they greatly offended him by their wanton encroachments and audacious intrusions upon the privacy of his habitat. 

In the latter stages of the destructive war between the children of Misi Saljong on one hand and the children of Ahning Chining on the other in the days of yore. Abet Rora was in great danger of losing his life for want of food, drink and shelter. He was writhing in agony from the pangs of hunger and thirst, when he was befriended by Angker-rong Damchong” who took him to his home and fed him with the fruit of the khotamari tree (turpinia pomifera) . In this way the life of Abet Rora was spared. 

Since that time Abet Rora has been setting at the sources of streams among the big rocks in the majestic ancient woods, building his house in an upside-down manner by means of the wiry roots of the boltotu tree(mallous roxburghianus) and the hanging stems of the samnatik cane(ormusia robusta). He has still in his possession the strong olive-green rope of malady, Beware.


Some Real Situation of my own

Respect and best wishes to all from me. My name is Lina Jambil W/O late Dipu Rema. I am an active member of St. Francis de Sales Association and a daughter. I took the consecration on 26th January 2018 at Mymensingh Cathedral Parish, Bangladesh and I am regularly doing various religious activities as a member of the association. My address is 8/3 Vatikashar Byline, Achik Housing Society, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. I have two sons and one daughter. Our family was doing well with the blessings of God. My late husband Dipu Rema had a chicken layer farm and I was working in an international organization and all living and family maintenance was running well.

I am very sad to inform that on 1st November, 2021, my husband was seriously injured in a bike accident and died while undergoing treatment at Mymensingh Medical College, Bangladesh. Due to my husband sudden death, our family seems to have been helpless and shattered. I could not have imagined that suddenly my husband would leave us in a sea of ​​sorrow and go away forever. I see great darkness, I get frustrated and I get very worried about where and what to do, how the day will go. Recently another sad news that my father 83 years old also died suddenly on 19th April 2022 which makes us helpless again. My mother (72 up aged) also cancer patient, she suffered from 2015 and till now she is under treatment.

My elder son 27 year-old name is Liubird Jambil, has been sick since from birth so that he is intellectual disable and unable to do anything. The younger son, Eshan Jambil is 26 years old. He is still a student, studying on a master’s degree, that is why he has not been able to get a full time job yet. But I can’t support him to study according to his dream due to some financial problems and limitations.

My daughter Nisuwa Jambil is 17 years old and she is O level student. She also has to pay a lot of tuition fees. When my husband was alive, we admitted her in a standard school because of our minimum income source. Now I have to struggle a lot to continue her studies. I always pray to God to give me all the solutions and to bless us.

My husband built a house for us, which he built with a loan from different financial institute and bank which I now have to repay as instalment. While he was alive, he used to repay the loans in instalments with the monthly income from his layer farm business, but after his death, now as his wife, I have to repay these loans which are so difficult and not possible for me to repay as regularly.  Some property we bought my father-in-law’s village but they are not cooperate much to me and I am in trouble to sell the land for repay the loan as I could not complete the paperwork of land property.

At present, we are insecure about our normal lives, we think that my husband’s death may not have been a normal accident. The bike accident happened but his bike was unharmed and there was only an injury to the back of the head and neck but there was no legal complication and no one to help because there was no post mortem at the time of death because no one advised me then having to do very carefully.

Now the situations are 1) I am going through a very financial crisis because there are many bank loans and other debts that I have to pay every month with my son so that we are going through a lot of emotional worries 2) Insecurity of life Suffering, we have left my eldest son with my mother (aged 65 and she is a cancer patient) because I have no place to keep him. 3) My youngest son and daughter are very insecure. They rent a house in Dhaka to continue their study which is far away from my residence. They live separately from me, I am always scared of what happens at any time, because I have to spend a lot of time in fear of who tried to break down the door of my son’s house once after death of their father. 4) I can’t take any legal help for fairness because no one supports me to do General Diary, legal action and take protection in law. The court of law is a complicated process in Bangladesh and it requires a lot of money, time also needed more so it is not being done out of fear.

In such a situation, I am looking for a sponsor for my God-given son Eshan Jambil and daughter Nisuwa Jambil and I wish them success so that they can finish their studies, become a self reliant person and ensure their safety of life.

You all are requested to pray for me and my children and support us for well living. Advance great thanks and appreciation from me for your prayers, advice and financial supporting.


Lina Jambil

Mail Address: linajambil@gmail.com

About 7 enemy of Human beings

Every human being has an absolute enemy which overwhelms him in various ways and hinders him from reaching the goal of life. If anyone can kill or avoid these seven enemies, it will not take long for him to be established as a successful person in life.We all know and obey these seven enemies but we cannot avoid them because we are human beings of flesh and blood.
The first enemy is the great enemy, his name is fear. The more this fear in one's life, the more backward one is in life. He who has no fear, less fear, kills fear from life is a man who is so successful in life.
The second enemy is greed, the more greedy a person is, the more he does not hesitate to do evil. Blinded by the lure of greed, he becomes a selfish man, this greed does not allow him to be a good man. He who is greedy cannot benefit or serve people.

The third enemy is also but no less. The more patient a person is, the wiser, wiser and wiser he becomes. This prudence made him much bigger. A man who has no patience cannot be a man of discernment. He can make mistakes step by step which does not allow him to move forward.

The fourth enemy is arrogance. This arrogance is the greatest enemy of man. A person who is arrogant cannot mix with human beings and the root cause of degradation is arrogance. As the saying goes, ego is the root cause of decline. A man who is proud of himself cannot be humble so he can never be a man of good humanity
The fifth enemy of man is lust, lust and delusion. If he can't control this desire, then if he can't kill this desire, then he has to face danger in retaliation. As a result, he has no mental control and is mentally weak and powerless. For all these reasons, he cannot improve his life much. Desire has to be defeated.
Another extreme enemy of our people is our own anger, rage which can destroy itself. A person who cannot control his anger and rage through space and time can be as terrible for himself as he is for the society, for the country and for everyone. One's anger can destroy oneself. There is a common saying that if a person is angry, he can even kill. So controlling anger means controlling your life and bringing success.
The name of the enemy that I am talking about is hatred. This is the seventh enemy. If this type of nurtures continue in his heart instead of loving someone, then he is mentally poor and weak. He has many limitations which do not allow him to be a successful person but keep him isolated and walk alone in the dark, he cannot walk in the path of light which has to remain in the darkness forever. It will never be possible for him to see the face of the tour.

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Life is full with problem

Every person’s life is full of problems even though no one wants problems in their own way. Some problems are complex, some less, some more, some difficult. The problem is not the same, the field or problem is different according to the basic human needs.
My problem doesn’t match your problem, it can be a little closer. Family problems, health problems, behavioral problems, wealth problems, education problems, friend problems, relationship problems, thousands upon thousands of small and big problems that cannot be listed.
Even then, every human being seeks his own peace or happiness in his life out of a thousand problems. Disappointment, despair, exhaustion and anxiety are present in everyone but those who can overcome it without giving importance can succeed or make life easier.
No one likes to hear about problems. But many are skilled at creating problems. People with perverted nature who enjoy making problems for others. Self-interest is involved in everything, do not hesitate to cause trouble to others for your own benefit. Those people become blind to the interests, the knowledge of the interests is lost in the deep sea of ​​interests.
I took this picture and keep thinking about the problem and I say to myself– don’t be defeated by the problem but deal with the problem with love and courage and you will see that all the problems will go away — in the unknown sky.

Mother and Daughter

There are no boundaries about mother-daughter
There is no complication, there is no calculation
No matter how far away the age gap is
Mother-daughter relationship, just like birthday.
Laughter, tears, happiness, sorrow, pain are all there
Yet the color that is about to be painted never fades
Who said what, who rolled his eyes or frowned
It doesn’t matter, it won’t come.
Where mother and daughter are one, nature also rejoices
The light is sparkling, the sky is dark blue
Rose flower swims in the yellow river
The fragrance of hyacinth flowers spreads softly in the air.
Mother is my strength, mother is my consciousness, mother is my inspiration
I love my mother, with all my heart
I like and respect my mother.

Me and my daughter(Nisuwa Jambil)

Lina and Liza

We are Jambil, our title is Jambil, we are from Attong group-Garo indigenous and we are from the same mother, our own house, father-in-law’s house, place of birth, place of marriage is the same house. What a beautiful match —
It doesn’t matter when we are together. Talk and laugh day and night. This talk, that talk, laughter, joy, what was, what we are doing, what to do, where we are going, we are talking about all this. The third person has no place in our conversations, no praise or criticism. we speak for our self.
But this two of us live together, smile together, enjoy each other, this is also someone’s allergy. The two of us seem to be living together to create some kind of energy that is terrifying for some people.
When they are together in such a way by third party, they start making new conspiracies, how can our laughter cover the happy day with black clouds and rain down. It is normal to think of others as oneself.
We will remain as we are. Even if someone has allergies, it doesn’t matter to us.

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We are Lina Jambil and Liza Jambil

The mood is very bad


Not this mind! Why it trembles from time to time
Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes restless again
Where did that ever-familiar line of joy seem to have escaped.

Not this mind! What to look for, where to go
Everything around seems to be in doubt
No one is around, not near, not with, everything seems magical.

Not this mind! As if swimming in the dark in silence
The sky, the river, the mountains, the forests, how many states are just like home
Even then, the search for comfort, peace, and happiness was nowhere to be seen.

Not this mind! What he seeks again and again, in his own mind
There is all this mind, love, affection, wealth, wealth
What to look for, the happiness of the enchanted world of false mirage! No …

There is everything in this mind, beautiful day, beautiful night, beautiful appearance
Dress, wandering, freedom, thought consciousness, what not! There is everything
Yet why is this unseen mind so bad, as bad as darkness.

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