The mood is very bad

Not this mind! Why it trembles from time to time
Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes restless again
Where did that ever-familiar line of joy seem to have escaped.

Not this mind! What to look for, where to go
Everything around seems to be in doubt
No one is around, not near, not with, everything seems magical.

Not this mind! As if swimming in the dark in silence
The sky, the river, the mountains, the forests, how many states are just like home
Even then, the search for comfort, peace, and happiness was nowhere to be seen.

Not this mind! What he seeks again and again, in his own mind
There is all this mind, love, affection, wealth, wealth
What to look for, the happiness of the enchanted world of false mirage! No …

There is everything in this mind, beautiful day, beautiful night, beautiful appearance
Dress, wandering, freedom, thought consciousness, what not! There is everything
Yet why is this unseen mind so bad, as bad as darkness.

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You have to fight for your own life

In this beautiful, enchanted, loving world of the moment, there is no end to what people want. When one request is fulfilled, another request appears anew. But not every human being wants the same. Like if I hope to get a good career someone else might hope to get a car. If one dreams of becoming a famous and expensive doctor, the other may wish to travel around the world.

In the language of economics, demand refers to the ability to make money or the desire to spend money. In the words of Professor Pension, ‘the desire for a commodity is followed by the need for money and the desire to spend that money, which is considered demand in the economy.

If we look here, the language of economics of the book does not match with the needs of the life of the real common man. Because the reality is that whether we have money or ability, we humans have different needs or desires. So the book is different from the real life of our people.

However, continuous efforts are being made to gain this capability. Some more, some less. No one lacks sincerity, no one lacks sincerity again. Success or fulfillment of desires or aspirations becomes impossible without matching one’s own desires, needs or sincerity.

Every human being in this life is constantly fighting for happiness, peace, joy and beautiful life in different ways. Sometimes you have to cross the great sea of ​​despair, sometimes you have to cross the mountains and Himalayas. The morale that strengthens in these struggles of life, who moves forward with courage can see the face of success in life.

There are dangers in life, problems will come and there is no benefit in blaming fate for this rule. The way of life, you have to have the courage to deal with all these problems and fight yourself. No one can fight for one’s life. Just like you have to write the exam book yourself and pass the exam, you have to give the exam of your own life. Someone may give you intelligence, guidance or help but no one has the power to help you directly. Just as you were born alone in the world, you have to fight all the obstacles along the way.

For this, some things have to be followed by oneself and this is how one has to fight. E.g.

1. The problem of my life is only mine and I have to solve this problem alone.

2. Those who love me, if they have sincerity then I can take wisdom and cooperation or advice from them but the decision has to be made by myself.

3. If you sit with the problem or if you sit quietly frustrated, the problem will never go away or will not be solved. Problems tied up actually have to try to overcome it. The problem is where the solution is and it is eternally true.

4. Where there is light, there is darkness, so life and problems go hand in hand, so we have to find the solution with courage and have faith and confidence, the light will come.

5. The biggest thing is that life is one and it is my responsibility to make this life beautiful, happy, to bring success and to be mine. I have to fight with my own hands because this life is not just for me. Life is as colorful as true flowers.

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My true dream

Like everyone else, I have dreams. I don’t know if this dream will come true. Whether it is real or not, it is not allowed to dream. My mother is my role model. There will be many sorrows and pains in life, but it will not stop. Must be ready to accelerate with new energy and initiative. So I am living with the dream of life, I have to continue as long as I live. Some of my dreams
Dreams of happiness
The dream of survival
Dream of enjoying the beautiful world
The dream of a happy life
Dreams of love
The dream of seeing nature
The dream of being immersed in the love of heaven, earth and God


5 Moral Story for Kids

  1. A greedy lion
Photo by Gareth Davies on

A greedy lion lived in a big forest. He ate foxes, deer, and wild boar every day. Every day he had to kill and eat animals in one call. He thought one day, how much longer would I talk about it with a monkey in the forest than this. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. He’s a monkey named Hebrew, call him. Listen, Hebrew. I’ll give you a gift if you bring me a deer every day.

The monkey is clever, he said I will bring three for you every day, it doesn’t matter! The lion began to dance with great joy. Said, O monkey, how good you are! What do you want from me! Bonner said come with me, will you do what I say? Singh said, I will not do it, I will do it once or a hundred times.

The monkey then asked the lion to jump into a pond, where there were big crocodiles in the water. The lion jumped into the pond in the greed of the deer according to the monkey’s words. The big crocodile ate him and the lion died.

Moral education: sin in greed, death in sin.

2. One Tiger and 9 Goats

Photo by Ruel Madelo on

9 goats used to live together in a forest. They were very friendly and they did all the work together. Such as going to eat grass in the field, going to drink water in the pond, resting, etc. For this reason, no tiger or lion could retaliate or attack them.

But one day there was a quarrel between them and they got angry and went to eat grass alone. Given such an opportunity, a tiger realizes that this is the best opportunity to find one for them to eat and he eats all the 9 goats.

Moral education: Unity is power.

3. A tortoise and his mother

Photo by Jose Aragones on

One day a baby tortoise was sitting on the bank of a river with his mother. The baby tortoise suddenly tried to move somehow, but he kept moving towards the river. Then his mother reprimanded him and told him to move forward. The baby tortoise says to his mom, “I want to move forward, mother, but I don’t know how to move.”

Then his mother went to see him walk in front and saw that he could not walk on his own. He is also going to the river again and again as if he can no longer control himself. Her mother then realizes her mistake, she sits there like a fool and caresses the baby tortoise so much that I made a mistake, I will not scold you anymore.

Moral education: Don’t force anyone to do what you can’t do yourself.

4. Anger is to be controlled

Photo by Elina Krima on

There was a young man in a distant village. He could not control his anger. When he was angry, he would say whatever he wanted. One day his elder brother gave him a mirror and a towel and told him that, whenever he was angry, he would look at himself with this mirror and wipe his face with the towel.

Within a few days, he saw that when he got angry, he looked at him in the mirror and show him as a ghost, and with a towel, he started wiping his own sweat. One day he saw that he was no longer angry because he did not want to see himself as a ghost anymore.

One day when he saw that he was no longer angry, his older brother hugged him and said, “Look, brother, you have seen for yourself what a ghost looks like when you are angry, now you are such a beautiful person.” Can people ever be ghosts? So when you are angry, you are like a ghost. Bad words hurt people a lot. Then the angry young man said, “No, brother, I will not be angry anymore and I will not scold people. Now I am very peaceful.”

Moral education: People cannot live in peace when they are angry

5. Three kittens

Photo by Peng Louis on

There was a very similarity between the three kittens. They eat together, play together, sleep together. If one has something, the other help. This is how their beautiful day was going.

One day one of the kittens broke one of his arms and could not do anything with his own hands. Then the other two cats would not feed him, they would play with him. So the kitten survives by eating itself with great difficulty. One day the two kittens got caught in a net. They could not find any way to do it and were stuck in the net all day. Later, the broken cat released them with its good hand. And together they stayed together again.

Moral education: It is good to help people in danger.

It is good to know the benefits of lemon

Lemons are found in almost every household in the village in Bangladesh and if we look at the benefits of this lemon, it cannot be said. Lemon contains a variety of nutrients that help the body develop resistance against various cancers in many ways.

Let us know some of the great benefits of lemon

Prevents cancer

Keeps the stomach clean

A good lemon for the lungs plays regularly

Heals body wounds

Helps reduce hypertension

Lemon is unmatched in skin care

Eliminates bad breath

Makes nails beautiful

Lemon helps a lot to lose weight

In the well-being of pregnant women

Another great benefit is that lemon removes the impression of age and keeps the skin tight.

Surprisingly, despite being acidic, lemons are alkaline when needed by the body. It does not create acidity in the body. It keeps the pH level of the body in the right condition. Drinking lemon juice and salt water keeps the pH level right. Those who have mild shortness of breath, they can eat a spoonful of lemon juice before meals as a rule. For those suffering from mild asthma, lemon juice will serve as a medicine alternative for them.

Lemon has many benefits as well as some side effects.

1) Those who have problems with acidity can get chest irritation by eating extra lemon.

2) Some people are allergic to lemons, so they should know in advance whether they can eat lemons and start treatment. Otherwise it may be the opposite

3) Lack of carbohydrates and other nutrients can occur if the diet is curved to lose weight. In many cases, increasing the amount of lemonade can cause fatigue in the body.

4) Some people may have stomach gas problems by eating extra lemon. It can cause various problems and discomfort including flatulence.

5) As a result of drinking extra lemon and lemon juice, some people may feel pain in the abdomen and lower abdomen.

6) If you drink a lot of lemon juice, those who have a little problem may feel a little weak.

7) Eating a moderate lemon is good for the health of any person but excess lemon is harmful for health.

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Life does not run on emotions, there is a need for conscience

All the people in the world are born with a conscience. No man can be without conscience. However, this conscience can be positive or negative. Beckles man does not mean that he does not have a conscience. On the contrary, the conscience inside him may be negative which is not accepted by the common people, society and family. Again, we talk about emotions. Conscience and emotion complement each other just like day and night. Just as conscience is present in the heart of every human being, so is emotion in every human being. 

Where there is emotion, there may or may not be emotion, but where there is emotion, there is conscience. Generally speaking, if he has to be intelligent when making a decision about something, then it is a matter of conscience, that is, if he has made that decision after analyzing the thought process well, then it is to make a decision with conscience. And if it is felt that this decision comes from the heart to the heart, then that is the reason why there are many kinds of good and bad in the work of emotional conscience, what will happen, what will not happen. 

When expressing emotions, one should never give up one’s conscience and judgment. There must be more or less, positive or negative emotions in all kinds of work, but it is best to give more priority to conscience. And so a positive conscience must be nurtured and held in the heart of each of us. Conscience is a subject or intelligence that gives him more importance to understand who is right and wrong, and emotion is only a matter of floating love, happiness, sorrow, joy and pain. Every human being is just prone to emotions but some can control and some cannot. And so if you are prone to too many emotions, you are more likely to make big mistakes in life. 

We try to shed some light on what can happen if there is too much emotion. 

First of all, those who have more emotions in their hearts cannot make the right decision. Unable to control their emotions, they can easily make big mistakes in life that can contaminate her life, family life and society, which means she can’t make the right decisions in life. Not making the right decision leads to many big mistakes of one’s own which one cannot easily answer from there and lags far behind. That is why we hear that life does not run on emotions. 

Second, good and evil with emotion cannot be considered a fair judgment. As if only playing with feelings. Happiness, sorrow, hurt, pain, suffering, joy, these are emotions, so giving importance to emotions means doing something for momentary pleasure or momentary happiness, it cannot make life beautiful, it means it can destroy life where only conscience cries from outside. Let me give you an example: for example, if a person just likes to watch movies, he gets pleasure, happiness, love in his heart, does he have to watch movies all the time? To enjoy yourself. So it is very important to consider all judgments with conscience. 

Third, if you go through emotions, you will not be able to understand or think about the real world. If you are drowning in emotions, your conscience will not work. If he doesn’t think about reality, if he doesn’t understand reality, then he will be a man of crazy or unusual nature. Just as movie stories and realities are not the same, emotions and realities are different worlds. Staying away from the real world means you shouldn’t be behind a lot of things that a human being should be. 

Highlight the emotional sayings of some famous people 

1. In the world of money and investing, you must know how to control your emotions. – Robert Kiyosaki 

2. Your emotions are nothing more than a biochemical storm in your brain and you can control it anytime, anywhere. – Tony Robbins 

3. If you control your behavior, your emotions will be fine. – John Maxwell

 Just as every human being has two eyes on one forehead of his mouth, so there are two eyes in the middle of the mind or heart, one of which is conscience and the other is emotion. Each of our time and life is governed by these two parts of the heart, namely emotions and conscience. We humans use emotions and consciences in different ways, depending on space and time. What will happen with emotion, if there is no conscience? 

Conscience just tends to put a kind of pressure on the mind. One cannot be a man without a conscience as life cannot be without emotions. He is a very successful person in this world who has a beautiful conscience and can control his life with this beautiful conscience which means happiness, sorrow, joy, pain, despair and despair.

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Change your life with the positive thinking

Positive thinking is about having a positive attitude towards which we expect good and satisfying results. In other words, positive thinking is trying to bring the environment in one’s favor without being discouraged even in adverse circumstances. There is no substitute for positive thinking to make life healthy and beautiful.

A 30-year study tested the personality of some patients, measuring their optimism and pessimism. The results show that the average life expectancy of optimists is higher than that of pessimists. Researchers have concluded that optimism boosts a person’s immune system and helps them live happier lives. And those who think unnecessarily negatively easily suffer from complex problems like high blood pressure, excessive anxiety and depression. It is clear from many studies that positive thinking helps a person to feel happy and that it is much easier to succeed. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of thinking positively about yourself. 

Step 1: Take your time

Don’t worry if something bad happens to you, wait, give yourself time. This process will help you to create positive thoughts and increase self-control.

Step 2: Deal with positive people:

Meet people who will help you to be constructive and optimistic. Avoid associating with people with negative thoughts.

Step 3: Help others:

Help others as much as you can because helping others will give you self-satisfaction. Which will help to strengthen your positive attitude.

Step 4: Be grateful

Think about what you have because many do not have them. There is no harm in having others because you have them. Be grateful it will strengthen your mind. Joseph Campbell says – Find a place that will make you feel happy and the feeling of happiness will take away the troubles.

Step 5: Read the positive statement

Read some positive quotes or writings every day. Positive speech or writing increases hope, removes fear from the mind, removes depression. For example, below are some positive statements:

“Failures subconsciously connect themselves with failure. If you consciously unite with success, success will be attracted to you. ”

“Start the day with beautiful expectations and convictions. Say it as soon as you wake up – thank you Lord, for a new day. This is how the day will end. ”

“If you get a chance to congratulate someone, let them know sincerely.”

“Maintain your honesty to yourself. Do everything you can with sincerity. ”

“Don’t be afraid to take responsibility. Then you can learn something new. ”

“Every task seems impossible without being enterprising.”

“Never be afraid to say, ‘I don’t know.'” “Always say ‘I’m sorry’ with sincerity.”

“Do not indulge in procrastination and laziness. Do what you need to do. ”

“Positive thinking will give you the opportunity to do everything better than negative thinking.” – Jig Ziggler

“Anything positive is better than a negative emptiness.” – Albert Hubbard

“In order to do something positive, we must first develop a positive mindset.” – Dalai Lama

“The greatest preparation for success is to build a positive and strong position in your mind about yourself.” – Joyce Brothers

“While frustration may seem overwhelming at times, it is a very positive and necessary factor for success.” – Bow Bennett

“Old age does not come into the life of one who is not mentally old.” – Philip Messenger

Step 6: Learn to forgive yourself

We often blame ourselves for any mistakes we make, suffering from an inferiority complex that gives rise to negative thoughts in our minds. Rather we should learn from mistakes so that such mistakes do not happen again in the future and of course, we should forgive ourselves because the mistake is the one who works. It is normal to make mistakes when it comes to doing something, it is also easy to forgive ourselves if we accept that no one is perfect.

Step 7: Find out where the mistake is

Positive thinking does not mean that mistakes should be avoided, it is important to find out what is wrong so that the same mistakes are not made a second time. And searching for corrections is not a waste of time at all.

Step 8: Take failure as an opportunity

It is said that failure is the foundation of success, but in fact it is. Negative failures in our lives help us pave the way for greater success. For example: you lost your job and think it’s all over! But is that really so? Just think, the door of possibility has opened once again in your life. Now you can start something new if you want which can take you to the pinnacle of success.

So don’t give up on failure but wait for success to come. Success is waiting for you on the other side of failure just like the sun smiles behind the clouds. Develop yourself positively then you will get positive results. And only positive thoughts can change your life, but why are you drowning in false despair?

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Sometimes you have to question yourself

Looking at my article, you may wonder why I have to ask myself. People learn and know what they learn by asking others. You are right. People all over the world learn that way. He learns by listening, reading, watching and asking more and more questions. However, through this article, I want to shed light on what is hidden in asking questions and why it is needed. We are all familiar with the word success and we all want to bring this success to life, we want to get it and we want to be established by seeing the face of this success.

Lina Jambil

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This success story is different for everyone. Some want to be rich, some want to be a good doctor, some want to be a star, some want to be a good entrepreneur, some want to be a good teacher, some want to be an engineer. The success stories of the people in this world are as different as the success stories of the people. But the essence of this success is the smell, the measure, everything is different, but the general meaning of success is the same for everyone.

Earl Nightingale, a so-called mentor or mentor of self-improvement in the 1960s, described the success as follows: ”

To make your life’s dreams, pursuits, and goals a reality, you must ask yourself questions from time to time, otherwise the dream will remain a lifelong dream. It is said that a dream cannot be a real dream. Rather, if a person cannot sleep for his own dreams, that is the true dream of his life.

Think about it, what a real truth. We know that dreaming means seeing sleep or something that is not real. That is my dream, not me now. My life dream is my future the way I want to see myself. To successfully turn this future dream into a reality, everyone must dream of a life that will not let you sleep.

Let me shed light on what questions to ask:

1. Where I want to see myself after a certain time. For example, after one year, after three years, after five years or after 10 years. The destination has to be determined separately for each period. I mean, where do I take myself after so many years?

2. Now that you’ve figured out the year and where you want to look, you have to ask yourself. What do I need to get there? After making the list I have to figure out what are my own strengths or what are the opportunities and what are not. Because if you can’t figure this out, you won’t be able to know what is limited and you won’t be able to get help from outside and success will never come.

3. You need to ask questions to find out what needs to be done, how to do it, how much is possible and how much is less possible by yourself, you have to find the answer to the question yourself. If you do not find out without questioning yourself then success will not be seen. This has been proven in the world for ages. It is a normal rule that success does not come miraculously in the forehead of someone who is in a hurry. Unusually or surprisingly, it can be one or the other.

4. How I have come so far means I have to analyze the past, some precious moments, the steps. What you did, what you could do, how you could do it, why you couldn’t do it, what needed to be done, these questions need to be reviewed. Without these reviews, the success of the plan or goal ahead will not come. So you can take beautiful and appropriate steps by analyzing the previous days, opportunities, and problems. Which will make it much easier to make your dream come true.

So today or right now you start asking yourself step by step about these issues. I will do it tomorrow or I will do it later, it will stay after that and that is the rule. I hope you bring the slightest success in your life by reading this article.

Just arrived

My destination .

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Know yourself is the first step to reaching your destination

Know yourself is the first step to reaching your destination

In this beautiful world, every human being is more or less plagued with obstacles, joys and sorrows, dangers and diseases. When one danger is gone, another danger comes as anew. It seems that great happiness will come and catch or give, but it seems to be lost in the darkness again in an instant. This is how day and night always run.

This is how my life is going for you. From birth to as long as people live in this strange world, everyone has to cross this river of life in one way or another, which is the eternal truth. Even then, someone’s life is not stopping, it is going on, seconds, minutes, hours are moving like clockwork. If we look at the world, not all people are 100% like anyone else. It may be like that or one or the other may have some or many similarities but the exact similarities are not the same with anyone. Even if we look at twin brothers and sisters all over the world, we can say that there is no exact similarity between them, no appearance, no physical constitution, no intellectual mindset. So every human being has different talents, emotions, needs, dreams, expectations, destinations.

No human being can survive or exist without a dream, a purpose. But all the people of the world cannot reach their destination very easily. This is why we see someone as a successful person, someone who is unsuccessful as a person in our own way or from a general point of view.

Who does not want to be successful? All the people of the world want to go a long way beyond their borders, want development, want success, want to present themselves as an enlightened successful person, want to express themselves. Outside of that I, you or he, no one will be left out.

If we look at the biographies of successful people in the world, we can see that they have such beautiful qualities as hard work, patience, perseverance, aspiration, discipline, punctuality, time and concentration. In the same way, the dream of where to go from one stage to another, the goal which can be called a specific purpose, but successful idealistic personalities have advanced in their lives and controlled their path accordingly.

First of all, the most important thing is to know who I am, where I am, where to go, how to go. It takes a lot of time to know everything together, but we have to know it, we have to think about it, we have to consider everything judiciously, we have to decide our destination by reviewing it, otherwise the dream, the dream will remain, life will not be found.To put it mildly or simply, who am I? What are the things we need to think about to recognize it? Let’s try to say it in a very short form. By reviewing various articles, writings, publications, I am presenting like me. First of all, what is my acquaintance at the moment? What does my identity mean? Finding out how people around me know me properly. The question may come to mind. Simply put, my personal identity, family, social, job, financial status, and my assessment are my own identity.

Second, what is my dream, where do I want to go, how far should I go in how many years, what is the destination or the goal of life? But it has to be realistic. Such short and long term plans have to be made within 1 year, 5 years or 10 years. It can be done alone, again with the family, in partnership with the guardian, but this goal can be set and selected. The best thing is, it is best in written form. Sometimes to see it, to remind yourself.

Thirdly, I have to find out what my strengths are, such as my talent, my patience, as well as anything to support or help me, to see if there is anyone. Again, whether my financial support is available or not is often a matter of consideration. Basically the space black pot all together I have more opportunity to find out. In this case, it is necessary to review the situation of one’s past and previous because these powerful aspects cannot be achieved in one day or in a hurry. Day after day, a lot of pursuit and practice is required.

Fourth, to find out what my limitations are when it comes to reaching my dream or my purpose. That means finding out my own weaknesses, problems and other problems.

The fifth step or the last step is to make a realistic and appropriate plan. We have taken out our current situation, life’s goals, opportunities and limitations step by step. Now with these four things in mind, I have to make a beautiful plan by listing the issues, especially my limitations and my opportunities.

When planning, keep in mind that what I am planning is not a weird plan. Must be very realistic. Let me give you an example to make it easier to plan. For example, I have had a small job now for 3 years. I don’t have an unrealistic plan to become one of the world’s most famous stars or Nobel laureates after 5 years. 

Always remember, I am a man, a family member, a member of society and the best creature. I have a lot of possibilities as well as limitations. It is very important to plan for reaching the goal of life correctly and appropriately by properly addressing these limitations and combining my own possibilities with it.

Wherever I am in the world, there are many behind me. Always look down or at those who are in a very bad situation even from me. There is also a need to think about those who live a very backward, inhuman life, living through bad situations in order to overcome their own weaknesses or limitations. There is no one in the world without limitations, problems, but individual problems. Some less, some more, some small, some big, some simple, some complex.

At the end of that, you have to create your own future, whose life is yours and not someone else’s. So you have to know yourself for your bright and innovative future.

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